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Success Stories

Peter Kent, federal Minister of Environment matched with Janet, a senior executive from the tar sands industry

Kent’s proactive surrender to the oil industry surprised many, but not his Janet who proudly considers working on the tar sands “doing God’s work.” That’s why she is seen as the tar sands industry’s #1 spin doctor in Canada.

Peter and Janet met through PolluterHarmony.ca  and this is their story


Rob Renner Alberta Environment Minister matched with Hal Kvisle, former TransCanada Pipelines CEO and current chair of the oil sands environmental monitoring panel

If PolluterHarmony worked for a small town MP from Medicine Hat, it can work for any politician.

When I moved to big city Edmonton I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find someone who was right for me. I met a lot of potential matches but couldn't find the perfect one. Then I found PolluterHarmony.

Right away, I saw a profile of Hal from TransCanada. He was amazing - thought the Boreal was insignificant, that tar sands pollution was naturally occurring and hated environmentalists almost as much as I do. I wondered if he wanted to fool the public too. And do you know what? He did. Even after he quit as the CEO he came right back in and now is chairing the government’s oil sands monitoring panel. Hal will get it right.

Our similarities have helped us get a lot done. While people keep complaining about the amount of pollution we are putting into the air and water, we have a lot further to go. Hal and I are working hard to make sure no annoying regulations stop America from burning every last drop of dirty oil we've got.

Thanks PolluterHarmony we couldn’t have done it without you.

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Ron Liepert, Energy Minister matched with David Collyer, Canadian
Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

Being from Calgary, I’ve never had any trouble meeting oil industry big wigs. But after a while, that was boring. The same old flings again and again. I wanted to find something deeper. That's when I signed up at PolluterHarmony.

When I saw David’s profile, I couldn't believe it. He was perfect – lots of money and tons of oily contacts. We clicked instantly. He convinced me that I could be the mouthpiece for the oilsands industry. He told me he'd been trying to undermine Alberta’s environmental legislation since the Klein years. I told him not to worry because now that he met me his troubles were over.

Thanks to PolluterHarmony, I've finally found my perfect match. Together, we’ve gutted Alberta’s environmental legislation and ignored God’s dirty oil spill - the tar sands. We really found something special, and it's all thanks to PolluterHarmony.

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